Colors and Curries in Thai Cuisine

We’ve long known that food is not just a mouth and stomach affair, but an all-sensory indulgence. All traditional meal spreads, including Asian foods, of course, are meant to delight all five senses. The feast begins with the eyes, as the tantalizing, natural colors of an Asian platter lure you in; then the fragrance of… Continue reading Colors and Curries in Thai Cuisine

That’s Using Your Noodle

There’s no two ways about it ﹘ we think noodles, we think Chinese. However, it forms the base of many of the other Asian dishes like pad thai, pho, and yakisoba. This luscious delight is celebrated in various forms – from soups to spring rolls, seared in a wok, or strewn carelessly in a salad.… Continue reading That’s Using Your Noodle

Korean Cuisine and Everything it Brings to the Table

Korean dishes are a fairly new addition to Indian menu cards when compared to their East Asian neighbors (think, Chinese food). This newcomer, in its authentic form, screams diversity with everything from portion sizes to eating styles. Its unique composition and elements make it an acquired taste, letting you in on flavor combinations you’ve never… Continue reading Korean Cuisine and Everything it Brings to the Table

7 Reasons Thai Food Can Be Your Health Mantra

From street stalls to fine-dine restaurants, Thai cuisine has created a niche everywhere. One of the most popular foods of today, it is accepted and celebrated worldwide, while also being among the healthiest in the world. It is in fact known to fight several diseases, including cancer, while boosting immunity (think, disease-fighting Thai red curry).… Continue reading 7 Reasons Thai Food Can Be Your Health Mantra

Asian All the Way

Most Asian cultures today celebrate the practice of socialization or bonding over a meal. Food, an essential part of this culture, thoroughly embodies the ethnicity and diversity that Asia stands for. Historical and cultural influences greatly affected the average diet, and led to the development of various ethnic cuisines. In fact, historians of the culinary… Continue reading Asian All the Way

Your guide to a gourmet Asian meal at home

There are days you want to dress up, go out, and devour a specially crafted gourmet meal in a fine-dining restaurant. And then there are days when you feel like doing all those things, but at home. We’ve got your back on this one, with ideas to create a unique 5-course truly Asian meal that… Continue reading Your guide to a gourmet Asian meal at home