Introducing 48East: A Culinary Journey Through the East

Asian cuisine has been stimulating senses with its eclectic dishes and sophisticated flavors for decades. From authentic flavors encompassing the traditions of each cuisine to aromas that play together in perfect harmony, Asian food is the gift that keeps on giving.

Bringing this gift a little closer to home is 48East – an online food delivery start-up that brings the best of the East straight to your doorstep.

Satisfying your hunger for gourmet Asian food  

A year ago, a quick Google search such as ‘order food online Indiranagar’ would throw up a plethora of restaurants to choose from. And while the cuisines varied, the prices kept potential customers at bay.

Enter 48East

Today, a quick Google search such as ‘lunch order online Bangalore’ leads you to 48East – a magical portal to the fiery Orient. The menu is a testament to the true spirit of Asia and offers an eclectic mix of Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Bhutanese, and Thai gastronomy – a delectable alternative to the MSG-laden, Indo-Chinese cuisine available locally.

When Co-founders Joseph Cherian and Chef Nabhojit Ghosh ventured into the start-up world with 48East, they had one goal in mind – to showcase the varied cuisines of Asia. What’s more, they also found that quality Asian fare was limited to fine dine restaurants, offering either Indo-Chinese or East Asian cuisines.

48 East - order online

48East has changed the way customers order meals online in Bangalore. With dishes from Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Japan, and well beyond, each dish is made with fresh and authentic ingredients, cleverly packaged, and served piping hot.

Ensuring quality

Like most online delivery models, 48East also offers a weekly changing menu – but the idea is not just to change the menu, but to bring in as much variety as possible from one week to the next. With over 48 countries and multiple cuisines on offer, you’ll be treated to a brand new variety every single week. Apart from their delectable range of mains, desserts, sides, and signatures, the brand also offers Asian Lites – a special all-day menu that is designed to satisfy your every craving through the day.

What makes 48East even more promising is the emphasis on seasonality. It’s very rare to find an ingredient that is not in season, which only serves to further enhance the taste of the dishes served to you. Using the choicest, finest quality ingredients is at the heart of 48East’s business. Miles away from your regular old Chinese takeout, 48East is all about sophisticated flavor, smart packaging, and explosive combinations. The enviable range of dimsums, sushi, rice and noodle bowls, as well as desserts showcase the diversity and intricacy of Asian cuisine.

48East doesn’t just serve a meal – it offers an unrivalled gastronomic experience that is sure to surpass every expectation. Initially offering home delivery in Indiranagar, 48East also covers home delivery in Marathahalli too with more locations opening up soon!


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