Understanding The Nuances Of Asian Cuisines

What comes to mind when you heard the words ‘Asian cuisine’? Do you think of steaming hot fried rice or a spicy stir fry? Well, Asian cuisine is a lot more than that! In fact, it is so varied that the continent’s cuisines are divided into four sub-groups ﹘ each with its own diverse culinary history. And if you’re keen to know more about the food your favorite Asian home delivery in Indiranagar serves you, here’s a quick refresher.

asian cuisines

Northeast Asia

Northeast Asian cuisines are among the most popular around the world and comprise delicacies from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Mongolia. Traditionally, most of these cuisines place emphasis on oils, sauces, and fats that are tasty and have great nutritional and medicinal value. In fact, in some countries, it plays an integral role in religious traditions as many Northeast Asian cultures make symbolic offerings through food.

Needless to say, Chinese home delivery food in Bangalore stands out from most Asian cuisines served in the city ﹘ drawing from unique ingredients and styles of preparations. For example, the cuisine of northern China ﹘ a relatively colder region ﹘ makes generous use of oils, garlic, and vinegar. South China on the other hand relishes on fresh and tender ingredients.

Japanese cuisine is a little more interesting. On one hand, it employs deep-fried dishes such as tempura; while on the other, it includes raw foods such as sashimi and sushi. Most online food delivery in Bangalore that offer traditional Korean cooking largely focus on sautéing and grilling ingredients and seasoning them with hot chili-based spices such as kimchi.

South Asia

Also known as the Indian subcontinent, the cuisines from South Asia come from countries that share a border with India such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nepal. In fact, this region can also be extended to Maldives and Sri Lanka! These cuisines are largely derived from Persian-Arabian civilizations and include a few common dishes and ingredients such as flat bread (naan, chapati, etc.), kebabs, mutton, ghee, and other strongly-flavored spices. Curry ﹘ a delectable combination of yoghurt, herbs, and spices ﹘ is also a common dish found in many cuisines across this region.

Kebabs prepared with vegetables or meat are popular in all South Asian countries, with unique recipes and cooking styles. A common preparation method for baked bread, meat, and vegetables is tandoor ﹘ a clay oven that cooks and roasts at high temperatures. Apart from lending a delectable smoky aroma, tandoors are also versatile and simple to use.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the most unique and lip-smacking delicacies ﹘ encompassing countries from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other neighbors. Most cuisines in this part of Asia emphasize on lightly-prepared food with a delicate balance of aromas and cooking styles. These delicacies are seasoned with discrete spices and condiments such as basil, mint, citrus juice, and cilantro, etc.

As opposed to Northeast Asian cuisines that use soy sauce in many dishes, Southeast Asian cuisines largely feature fish sauce, tamarind, lemongrass, and galangal, etc. When it comes to preparation styles, this region is equally diverse ﹘ using a blend of steaming, boiling, and quick stir-frying. Similar to other parts of Asia, curries feature heavily on Southeast Asian menus. With yoghurt and coconut milk being used as primary ingredients, these curries are commonly served with rice and breads. That’s not all, noodles made from potatoes, rice, wheat, and egg are also staple foods in these countries. Most restaurants that offer online food delivery in Bangalore serve these delicacies such as Thai Curry and Nasi Goreng, among others.

Fun fact: Pasta was actually invented in China. Sorry, Italy!   

Middle East Asia

Middle Eastern cuisines are just as diverse and unique as other parts of Asia and include countries spanning across Iran and Saudi Arabia, including Lebanon and Turkey. And while some ingredients such as chickpeas and olives are common across countries, the flavors, spices, and cooking techniques are varied. The cuisines of the Middle East are also influenced by the prevalent Islamic culture ﹘ with dietary restrictions on alcohol and pork.

If you’re hunting for Asian home delivery in Indiranagar, you’ll find kebabs of vegetables and meats such as chicken, lamb, and beef served on a skewer. Middle Eastern cuisines also make use of cheese and yoghurt in the cooking process and serve soups made from beans, lentils, peppers, etc. Delicacies from this region of Asia are aromatic and flavorful ﹘ rich in spices such as nutmeg, cumin, caraway, and turmeric.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what sets each Asian region apart from the rest, it’s time to apply your newfound knowledge. And the next time your friends order for Asian online food delivery in Bangalore, you’ll know exactly what to say!  


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