What Makes Asian Cuisines So Different from Western Cuisines?

Feel like making a healthy lunch order online Bangalore but can’t choose between Asian and Western food? We’ll help you make the right decision. Here are four things that make Asian food stand apart from cuisines in the Western world.

Don’t keep it simple!

Simple carbohydrates are easy to digest. But they are also a leading cause for high blood sugar levels that can eventually lead to obesity and diabetes. This kind of carbohydrates is commonly found in products that use white flour — a common ingredient in Western cuisines. But most Asian dishes contain complex carbohydrates from wheat and rice; not simple carbohydrates. While these ingredients, popularly offered by Asian home delivery near Hebbal, have high carbohydrate content, they are not easily digested by your body.

More steamy, less oily!

Most Asian cuisines employ cooking methods that require less oil — be it roasting, steaming, or stir-frying. Sure, some delicacies such as tempura are deep fried, but most dishes in this part of the world say no to excessive oil, fat, and calories. In the West, however, many snacks are deep fried and loaded with ingredients that can hurt your health.

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies!

If you’re on the lookout for Western dishes and hunting for snacks order online Bangalore, you’ve surely noticed how rarely they use veggies. Vegetables occasionally feature as accompaniments in Western dishes but when they do, they are usually in the deep fried form. Asian cuisines on the other hand, tend to make heroes of these vegetables. In fact, meat generally plays second fiddle to veggies in this part of the world.

This preference proves to be far healthier because vegetables provide both nutrition and dietary fiber — essential to fighting diabetes and obesity while keeping your blood sugar in check. They also provide a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other cancer-fighting components. So the next time you’re looking out for healthy online snacks Bangalore, try Asian!

Finding the right pairing

It’s no surprise that food in Asia tastes vastly different from that in the West. And though you don’t need to be an expert to deduce that, it takes a keen eye to know exactly why. There are a finite number of ingredients in the world; so it essentially boils down to how food is paired. Flavor pairing can be seen everywhere — it just happens differently in Asia. In the West, most dishes include food combinations that contrast each other in taste. In fact, these recipes rarely pair ingredients with similar flavors. But in Asia, it’s exactly the opposite. Cuisines in the eastern part of the world usually combine ingredients that have a lot in common. And the result? Simple, striking flavors that complement each other to perfection.
Now that you know the perks of choosing Asian dishes over their Western counterparts, you can make an informed decision while ordering for home delivery near Bellandur. When you’re feeling peckish and want to try something new, choose Asian food order online instead!


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