Six Famous Asian Delicacies And Why We Love Them

Chopsuey, momos, chowmein, and szechuan ﹘ you’ve heard these words time and again, and yet, know so little about them! Having indulged in them regularly, these dishes no longer feel foreign to us, despite originating from the farthest corners of Asia.

Food has an uncanny superpower of acquainting you with different cultures and making them a big part of your life. That said, here are a few interesting facts about your favorite Asian delicacies and where they came from!

Momo: The reigning king of street food

Native to Tibet, Nepal, and China, the best momo chefs know that the secret to a good momo are fresh ingredients that go into the belly of this delicacy, be it meat or vegetables. Earlier, rainy evenings used to called for fresh samosas and a hot cup of masala chai but today, nothing beats a steaming plate of momos! This is especially true if you happen to live around Koramangala and Indiranagar. You can easily order online and get home delivery in Indiranagar as well as home delivery near Koramangala! It’s as simple as looking up ‘online snacks Bangalore’ and waiting for your food to be delivered to your doorstep.


In the mood for some Chow

Did you know that chowmein in Taiwanese means ‘tasty food’? We’re kidding! Chowmein actually means ‘fried noodles’ in Taishanese and is an absolute comfort food for the masses. A big bowl of chicken chowmein while reading a good book ﹘ what could be better than that for dinner! And if you’re in the mood for chowmein, online food delivery portals will let you do just that. All you have to do is run a simple online search for ‘home delivery near Bellandur’, and enjoy a good Asian meal in the comfort of your home.



Being Hunan

It’s interesting to note that hunan is the name of a province in China and means ‘south of lake’, referring to Lake Donting. And whether it’s served as a gravy, a stir fry, or with chicken, hunan is a crowd favorite for a reason! This cuisine is known to be hot on flavor and regularly uses tender meats and spices. What’s more, the cooking styles from this particular province have been adopted and meticulously tweaked to cater to the cravings of foodies around the world.



All aboard the Szechuan express

Szechuan is an Indian favorite thanks to its bold flavors and spicy dishes, never failing to pack a punch. This cuisine originated from Sichuan, another province in southwest China. The most important spice in this cuisine is the Sichuan pepper, that grows abundantly in the region.


All things Tofu

For vegetarians and vegans who love their Asian cuisines, tofu is a great substitute in a meaty and filling dish. Tofu means ‘bean curd’ in Chinese and can be consumed in a number of ways, be it raw, stewed, fried, or stuffed. It’s considered to be healthy as it’s gluten-free, has zero cholesterol, and is extremely low on calories. It’s a great alternative for people who are cautious about what they eat but still love to order online snacks Bangalore from time to time!


Sing along to ‘Chopsuey’

This food item is so famous that a well-known American music band wrote a song on it! The word chopsuey is believed to be derived from the Taishanese term ‘tsap seui’ which means ‘miscellaneous leftovers’. This refers to the primitive form of cooking dishes using leftover vegetables and meats. Chopsuey is a versatile dish that can be cooked with chicken, fish, beef, prawns, or pork. The signature mark of the Chopsuey is a fried egg placed on top of the bowl.


The great thing about the world we live in today, is that you don’t have to travel for days via flights or trains to different countries to get your hands on authentic meals. All this is easily available to you at a few clicks on your favorite online food delivery portals. Hallelujah!

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