What Health Secrets Do Asian Cuisines Hide?

In a diet-conscious world, the term ‘healthy’ is thrown around frequently. And while some people consider it a euphemism for chubby, Asians openly flout this assumption. They are reportedly leaner, fitter, and less prone to diseases than their counterparts around the globe. In fact, many of them look strikingly younger than their real age﹘something people from other countries are envious of. Asians also flaunt trim waistlines, supple skin, and lush hair﹘a testament to their health and fitness.

So we wondered, what is the secret of health when it comes to the people of Asia? And we found a few﹘nay many﹘answers!

Asian food is nourishing

Of all the different factors that determine a person’s fitness, diet is a major contributor. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why Asians rank higher on this scale. Researchers have found that Asian food is inherently healthier, and is supplemented by good dietary practices. What makes the Asian platter popular worldwide is its focus on natural ingredients and healthy cooking methods. Which is why, most people today turn to Asian food order online when looking for healthier meals.


Asian food is diverse

In most Asian countries, rice remains a staple food and is supported by generous portions of vegetables such as bamboo shoots, carrots, eggplant, and bitter melons. That’s not all, Asians also indulge in a range of fruits such as coconuts, mangoes, rambutans, tangerines, and other seasonal delights. Some cuisines are largely focused on fish and seafood such as abalone, clams, cockles, and eel whereas others use herbs and spices like basil, clove, turmeric and curry leaves!


For your next lunch, consider some of these delectable preparations for home delivery near Indiranagar and other parts of Bangalore.


Asian food includes healthy beverages

Water, green tea, and soups are commonly found in most Asian menus. In fact, some Asian diets call for over six glasses of water or green tea each day. Hot teas and soups are served around 30 minutes before meals to enhance digestion. Intake of fluids during and after meals is also discouraged, as it dilutes the efficiency of essential digestive enzymes. It’s no wonder then that Asians are a hydrated lot!



Asian snacks are loaded with nutrients

When craving a snack, Asians often choose nuts, dried fruit, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds over greasy chips and fries. In most households, dessert nights are rare. Even popular desserts such as silken tofu, coconut pudding, and sweet vermicelli have nutritional value. These snacks are full of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and the varieties are endless! Just look up the four magical words ‘Asian food order online’, and you’ll find a range of such delicious munchies near you.


Asian food is carefully curated

Asian delicacies are prepared keeping in mind the prevailing weather and climate. For example, cucumber juice or fresh watermelon slices are ideal for summers whereas soups and meat stews are best served in the cold. This ensures good health throughout the year! So the next time it’s chilly outside, you can relish some of this hot elixir by opting for home delivery near Bellandur. In the heat, you can indulge in cool, refreshing drinks via home delivery in Marathahalli.


While we all understand that our eating habits influence our health, keeping healthy isn’t always easy. But whether you’re looking for home delivery near Hebbal or home delivery near Marathahalli; a tasty, wholesome Asian meal is just an order away.


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