5 Foods of Asian Origin That You Thought Were from Elsewhere

Brace yourselves because what we’re about to tell you will change your perception about food forever. You may already know that your beloved biryani and samosa aren’t really from India. But the truth behind many of your favorite foods and beverages just might shock you! And if you feel hungry after reading this, feel free to type ‘food home delivery near me’ and you can have lip-smacking food home delivery Bangalore with just a few clicks.

Thank the Chinese for ketchup…

It’s no secret that ketchup is America’s favorite condiment. While the British take credit for introducing ketchup to the West, you’ll be surprised to know that the original recipe belongs to China. In fact, the word ketchup is derived from the Hokkien word, kê-tsiap. While the original Southeast Asian sauce was made from fermented fish, the Brits added tomato instead and voila, the modern tomato ketchup was born!

brit tomato ketchup

… and for ice cream!

That’s right, the Chinese invented ketchup and ice cream. Shocked? So were we! Frozen desserts are a universal phenomenon and it’s difficult to determine who actually started the trend. But the only thing we know for sure is that the Chinese invented ice cream in 200 BC when the Chinese king, Tan of Shan, ordered 94 icemen to prepare a dish from buffalo milk, camphor, and flour. All hail King Tan of Shan!


Beer came all the way from Southwest Asia

No, the Germans didn’t invent beer. God bless the Sumerians for producing this intoxicating delight 7,000 years ago! As far as the archaeological evidence is concerned, the Sumerians produced beer from barley and other grains. Some records also suggest that the Chinese invented a similar beverage around the same time. It doesn’t matter who did it first, but the fact remains that beer originated in Asia and was later introduced to the rest of the world.

American chop suey: Not Made in America!

If you thought chop suey was as American as Fourth of July or apple pie, you’re in for a huge surprise. Chop suey is actually pronounced as ‘Shap Sui’ in Cantonese, which refers to a stew made with a mélange of different ingredients. It is believed that Shap Sui was introduced to America by Chinese immigrants who were drawn to California’s Gold Rush. In the mood for some chop suey? Indulge in sumptuous food home delivery Bangalore today!shap sui

Sriracha sauce is from Asia as well!

Sorry to burst your bubble but Sriracha sauce belongs to Thailand. It’s believed that the sauce was invented in Sri Racha, Thailand by a woman named Thanom Chakkapak. The original Thai version of the sauce is tangier and thinner in consistency than the popular non-Thai versions.

sriraacha sauce


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