9 Asian Desserts That Will Make You Feel on ‘Cloud Nine’

After a long day at work, all you really need is a decadent treat to pamper yourself. And if you’re craving something sweet on a lazy Friday night, look no further than Asian desserts! Be it from Turkey to Japan and Indonesia to Mongolia, these sweet treats are known for their diverse and unique flavor combinations and textures. So the next time you’re ordering in Asian food, be sure to add these desserts to your meal!


Mochi (Japan)

When you hear the words ‘Japanese dessert’, we’re sure that you imagine expertly crafted dishes that resemble something out of a Disney movie! And you’re not wrong  these desserts pack flavor and color that will delight your taste buds and blow your minds. One such masterpiece is the pastel-colored Mochi dough  made with sticky rice  stuffed with delicious ice cream. A staple at every traditional Japanese festival, Mochi is one Asian food order online that you must experience!



Banana Roll (China)

Let’s thank the Chinese for wrapping your favorite fruit in a delicious banana-flavored cake roll. Banana rolls are made of rice cakes and diced fruit and shaped to resemble the fruit. What’s more, it’s accompanied by cinnamon and whipped cream to create a dessert that leaves you wanting more! Order food online Koramangala right away and go bananas over this delight.

chinese banana-roll


Bubur Cha Cha (Malaysia/Singapore)

Prepared with an elite selection of ingredients such as pearled sago, sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, peas, coconut milk, and pandan leaves, this dessert will make you do the Cha Cha! In fact, this sweet broth will quench your dessert cravings after a light lunch order online Bangalore! Whether it’s served hot or cold, Bubur Cha Cha will soothe your senses just the same.

Bubur cha Cha


Fried Ice Cream (Japan)

What happens when you fry ice cream? Well, the Japanese tried it out and we’re warning you  the results are delicious! So how does it work? A scoop of ice cream is frozen for a few hours and then batter-fried to prevent melting. That’s not all, you can even mix it with other flavors and toppings such as cinnamon, honey, chocolate, or whipped cream.

Japanese Fried Ice Cream


Mooncake (China)

Hunting for the right snacks order online Bangalore for your next tea party? Mooncake is your go-to dessert! This Chinese treat is baked with an intricate design on top and is filled with delicate duck egg yolks and lotus seed paste. One bite into this delicacy and you’ll be mooning all over it!

Chinese Moon cake


Basbussa/Basbousa Cake (Middle East)

Take your tea party game to the next level with another classic Asian dessert  like the Basbussa/Basbousa cake. Baked with semolina that’s soaked in flavored syrup (and sometimes coconut), this cake will surely transport you to the soul of the Middle East! And if you’re all set to dazzle your guests with this mouth-watering delicacy, order food online Koramangala and prepare to feast!



Green Tea Ice Cream (Japan)

Green tea or ice cream? Why not both! The Japanese wow us yet again with their finger-licking invention  the green tea ice cream. And when topped with berries and other sauces, there’s no better way to end your lunch order online Bangalore! Invented almost a century ago, this delectable ice cream is often served at elite gatherings. However today, you can find it at many specialty dessert bars and Asian restaurants around the city.

japanese green tea ice cream


Sticky Cake (China)

Also known as Nian Gao, this Chinese dessert made of rice flour and dry fruits has an interesting backstory! According to ancient legend, the only way to impress the Kitchen God was to feed him a delicious Nian Gao. If he didn’t like it, he would curse bad luck upon the family. This legend inspired people to create more and more delicious versions of this cake. Today, Nian Gao is gifted to friends and family on important festivals.

Chinese Sticky Cake


Egg Custard Tarts (China)

Imagine a decadent custard filled in a scrumptious pastry crumble  is your mouth watering already? We’re talking about egg custard tarts  a native Chinese dessert made with pastry crust and delectable custard flavors such as cinnamon, honey, or ginger. And don’t fret if a rainy day is stopping you from satisfying your sweet tooth, because you can always rely on home delivery food in Bangalore.



After all this tasty gyaan, we’re sure that you’re ready to order in these dishes. And when you dig into these beauties, take a moment to tell us how much you loved them! We’re waiting to hear all about your Asian dessert experience.


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