6 Asian Soups That Are Good For The Soul

Rich, delectable, and piping hot – soups are everything you could ever ask for on a cold, balmy day! The creamy broths that we savor today have transcended borders and survived the ravages of time to delight our taste buds.

Here’s our pick of the six best Asian soups that make for the perfect start to any meal :

Yumigeng or Sumigeng (Chinese Sweet Corn Soup)

Originating in China, this humble soup combines egg whites and cream of corn as its main ingredients to deliver a perfect soupy concoction. And if you’re looking to mix things up, you can always opt for some chicken or crab to make it more flavorful. This versatile soup is a definite crowd favorite, and is sure to keep your pockets happy. Looking to indulge in a bowl of sweet corn soup? Order food online Bellandur today!


Niúròu miàntāng (Beef Noodle Soup)

Who could say no to a delectable soup with noodles, veggies, and meat? Popularly referred to as the ‘National Dish of Taiwan’ and created by the Hui people, this soup is a wholesome meal on its own. What’s more, chefs in Taiwan challenge each other to win the title of ‘Best Beef Noodle Soup’! Simply search for home delivery near Marathahalli to order food online Marathahalli and treat yourself to a meaty and soupy feast!

Niúròu miàntāng (Beef Noodle Soup)

Dànhuātāng (Egg Drop Soup)

Alternatively referred to as the ‘Egg Flower Soup’, this nutritious dish gets its name from the silky egg strands that characterize it. To give it an extra inch of personality, black pepper, scallions, tofu, and a whole variety of spices are included in the main recipe. Although originating in China, every country now has its very own variant of this world-renowned soup. Go on then, get yours from anywhere in the city or even just order food online Koramangala!

Dànhuātāng (Egg Drop Soup)

Phở (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

Pho gets its recognition from the refugees of the Vietnam war, who clung to these recipes as they migrated to the south of the country. Today, this very dish is a staple diet in Vietnam with two distinct varieties, where the North referred to it as Phở Bắc while its southern counterpart is called Phở Sài Gòn. This piquant broth is distinguished by its chewy noodles and juicy meat, which come together to make an exotic, hearty creation. You can get your own bowl from home delivery near Hebbal or order food online Koramangala.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Milakayttanni (Mulligatawny Soup)

The Indian subcontinent has soups hidden in every nook and cranny and the Milakayttanni is one such wonder. What’s more, the word ‘Milakayttanni’ is believed to be derived from a combination of Tamil words that literally translate to pepper-water. You can indulge in a bowl of this healthy yet delicious soup by just order food online Koramangala or from any of our other branches. Don’t be surprised if you fall head-over-heels for this one – even the Brits can’t get enough of it!


Canh Chua / Sanratanmen / Sinigang (Hot and Sour Soup)

Commonly referred to as Canh Chua in Vietnamese, Sanratanmen in Japanese, and Sinigang in Filipino – almost every Asian subcontinent has its very own variant of this soupy creation. While the popular add-on for the soup is chicken, ever so often you’ll find one cooked with succulent pork.


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